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The stylistic direction of this interior was a modern interpretation of the combination of English style with classics.

On the ground floor there are two rooms - a living-dining room and an office. The living-dining room is the main premise of the interior. As a color accent, a dark shade of emerald color, which is used in furniture and decorative elements of the interior, was chosen. A compositional accent in the interior is an unusual chandelier that illuminates the dining area. Also, in the living room area, there is a decorative fireplace.

On the second floor there is a nursery, a bedroom for parents, a bathroom. An important task for the children's room was to combine different functional areas in the interior and make the room equally interesting for both children, since both children are different in terms of age, interests and life activity. The room is divided into sports, work, play and sleeping areas. In order to save space, it was decided to use a two-level bed, which in the interior looks like a separate volume of wood.

Parents bedroom is made in coffee shades. The main emphasis in the interior is lighting elements - a chandelier and bedside lamps, in order to make the room look more comfortable, a hidden LED backlight is used.

On the third floor, from the main premises, there is a guest bedroom. It is also made in coffee colors. Due to the fact that the room is located on the attic floor, the ceiling has a rather interesting shape. The furniture is made of dark wood.



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