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The main area of ​​the institution is coffee drinks and pastries. The main goal was to create an atmosphere of comfort and correctly place three functional areas - the main hall, lounge area and kitchen. At the same time, it was very important to visually isolate visitors of the institution from the general area of ​​the shopping center. 

For this project were chosen a dark color scheme, which harmoniously combines dark shades and wood textures. A warm LED backlight creates an atmosphere of comfort. A warm lighting creates a contrast with the dark shades and textures of the tree. There are different seating areas - two zones with coffee bars, 3 separate tables with armchairs, a common sofa for 4 tables and a large round table in the lounge zone for 8 people. Every type of space is emphasized by different lighting. There are different types of textiles and a large amount of plants.



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