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The project is interesting in terms of implementing non-standard ideas in the interior. An apartment for a young couple who travel a lot, are interested in new trends in architecture and design. Having visited various public institutions in Europe with an interesting design, they wanted to get not a standard project, but at the same time a cozy space in which it would be equally comfortable to spend time both together and relaxing in a large company of friends. Loft was chosen as a main direction.

The apartment is located in one of the new buildings of Kharkov. It was decided to leave and highlight in their existing form excellent concrete floors and brick walls that were already at the facility. In the living room, which is the place. where the owners of the apartment spend most of the time, one wall was left in brick, the rest of the walls were painted white, this combination of color and texture gives the interior a contrast. Due to the correct functional zoning, the living room has a working place, which is highlighted on the walls in gray.

This apartment has two bedrooms, which were designed in different colors and stylistic solutions. The first bedroom is pastel colors without accents, a brick wall and a large amount of wood. The second bedroom is more daring in its color scheme. Used gray color, bright color accent, a lot of decorative elements.

The lighting is mainly used fixtures made of ferrous metal. Used as elements of spot lighting, and large lamps. In all rooms except the living room, a hidden LED backlight is used, which gives the interior coziness.



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