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LABA, an international educational platform that was founded in Ukraine and gained popularity far beyond the borders of its native country, was included in the category of international educational projects. In 2018, the company significantly increased both in number of employees and structurally. The new office is located in one of the historical buildings of Kiev. The main wishes in style were to preserve and emphasize concrete floors, which are in excellent condition, to preserve the visual spaciousness and scale of the space.

Structurally, in the office, it was necessary to arrange 8 departments ranging in size from 10 to 25 people, 2 separate executive rooms, 2 meeting rooms, an entrance area with a small bar and a waiting area, several rooms for recording online courses, a kitchen area and a coworking room in the third attic floor.


In order to visually emphasize the spaciousness and scale of the premises, it was decided to use white color, which goes well with concrete planes, actively using wooden lining. Partitions and doors are made of glass. Several rooms use a dark blue color to create contrast, just like a color accent, orange is used in furniture.

The interior uses elements of industrial lighting. Some rooms use LED lighting, which creates a cozy atmosphere in the room. Also, the elements of electrical and ventilation communications are not hidden, but are located outside and are an integral part of the interior.



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