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The main objective was to develop the correct layout, with the possibility of structural growth of the company and functional variability. Minimalism and accent use of the Loft elements were chosen as a stylistic direction, in addition, the corporate color must be present in the interior. It was also necessary to creatively beat the reception area, since it was precisely this room that people came to the office, so this room was to become the hallmark of the interior of the new office.

The interior has a large number of wooden panels that are used as wall cladding. White is actively used to create visual lightness and contrast. In some sections of the walls, brickwork is used. In some rooms, the ceiling is sheathed with metal sheets. As part of the Loft glass partitions and doors with black frames and metal binders are used.

The interior uses elements of industrial lighting. The reception area uses a hidden LED backlight.

The furniture is also made in the Loft style. Tables in the meeting rooms are made of timber and metal. Sofas and armchairs that are present in the interior are made of leather.
The interior provides two lounge areas - one located in the reception area, the other in a large meeting room.



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